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  • WOODSTOCK9599 WOODSTOCK9599 Sep 12, 2009 11:36 PM Flag

    My friend is layed off

    He had a job making $31 an hr with healthcare benefits and his wife makes $15 an hr.

    Now that he is layedoff they have to go on his wifes insurance through her work. The pay half and the employer pays half. Their half is $800 dollars a month.

    So she makes $600 a week times 4 is $2400 a month. Minus $800 a month for taxes leaves them with $1600 take home. Now they have to pay $800 for insurance that leaves them $800 dollars a month to live on.

    They are 55 and still have a house payment and property taxes. Auto and house insurance. Heat, electric and water. Right now it's hard for somebody 55 to even find a job let alone one that pays $15 an hour around here.

    How long do you think you could last? Do you realize how many people are in the same boat? Not to mention thoes that are working that don't have access to healthcare and even if they did could they afford $1600 dollars a month?

    There are more people for this healthcare bill than you can imagine. Think what it will do for business if they didn't have to pay healthcare. Thats what they said drove GM to BK.

    It may not be perfect but for many its their only hope.


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    • thanks

    • For 40 hours with out overtime your friend had an income of over 96,000 per year.

      Not a bad piece of change for two (2) people.

      At that income level they should have accumulated a nest egg of at least 1/2 a million dollars.

      That is provided that they did not act like the Joneses and spent their income excessively.

      With 1/2 million they should be in good shape and be able to take advantage of the poor economic times.

    • iggy, that has nothing to do with the stock, try a human interest board.

    • GM has a lot of retirees that they pay for with defined pensions. That includes healthcare.
      I believe they have for every worker working there are 2 retired. Thats also how they get the $75 dollars an hour figure.


    • Cfljmljfl:

      You're absolutely right. Most of these people who shoot their mouths off about insurance have no clue about the details of health care financing, yet they seem to think they know everything. Trying to educate them is like trying to herd cats!!!

      Good post.

    • Oh, I see. We're playing a "shell game". "The money's here, no it's there, nope maybe over here".

      Ultimately, what good is that?? They're just going to take it from one group of people (yes, the seniors, because the insurance companies can't stay in business if they're losing money so they'll either eliminate those plans or CHARGE a big premium), and giving it to someone else. How do you think that's going to benefit in the long term.

      These Medicare Advantage programs are a saving grace for, I'll repeat the number again in case you didn't get it in the first place, over 9 million American seniors. If they have to pay a lot more because it's taken away, many will NOT be able to afford their healthcare!! What about that is so hard to understand? Why is that going to help the problem with the uninsured and underinsured???

    • I disagree. Employers have always used health care benefits as part of their employee benefits plan to attract and retain quality employees. I don't see that changing in the future.

      As mentioned earlier, there are many things that can be done to bring down premiums in the private sector but the administration doesn't want to know about those. They only want to TAKE OVER the health care industry.

    • great post

    • 1)Why are they paying $800.00 per month? My major medical is only $250.00 per month.

      2) Your "friend" is drawing unemployment and probably doing "side" jobs for cash. I bet he's taking home more now than he was before!

    • I hear ya wood.That sounds like a horrible situation.Imagine if they could get a public option for 200 a month. The economic benefit would be staggering because many are in the same boat as your friend's family. The GOP wants a situation where health care is a for profit industry(currently is). The only way for health insurers to make more money is too deny more claims. In other words they amke money when you get sick and they dont have to pay. Fcking disgusting. Dont get me wrong i am not saying a for profit health insurance model is all bad. After all they create jobs and taxes etc. However, we cant have a system where health insurance become like Wall Street which in essence they chase gains over and over. This chase for constant growth and increase in profits equals a health care system where more profit is the goal and providing services is considered a loss. To me that is more of a DEATH PANEL than anything else.

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