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  • RonFerg98 RonFerg98 Oct 20, 2009 11:20 PM Flag

    High Unemployment the New Normal?

    Only the Obama press like that owned by GE would try to pull this one off.

    Just think what the press would be doing to Bush if he had anything near 10% unemployment. They would be relentless in claiming his destruction of the economy. What are they saying about Obama? The new normal!! Can't wait until elections.

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    • Obama is a Republican in my opinion. He is spending out of control just like Reagan, Bush and Bush. You guys see nothing, and then preach small government. The last 3 republican admins out-spent Carter as a % of GDP, but you whine like a bunch of sissies about Obama spending. Wake the F up.

    • Exactly, the DOW will not see 10,000 for a long time IMHO.

      Too much debt, Gold over $1000 an ounce, too much government spending, nothing done for jobs other than short term fixes (Lib pet projects of $700 billion!), no tax cuts, nothing to help business, socialized medicine, running rich people out of the country taking their millions, billions with them, blame everything on the previous administration and increased taxes on everything.

      Yea - I understand now, High Unemployment will be the New Normal!

    • Sure and it is really evident with the stock market.

    • Suicide to our economy with these socialistic policies are causing the "high unemployment" giving us the "new normal".

      We need tax cuts, less government intervention and NO socialized medicine to get back on track. Just like Bush after 9/11 - tax cuts worked to stimulate the economy and get unemployment under 5%. No matter what you think about all the other stuff he did - and I agree with you, Bush was HORRIBLE!

    • Republicans tried to fix Fannie and Freddie but the Democrats stalled. Even the liberal Democrat wanabee McCain tried to fix it!

      GE owned liberal outlets would blast Bush if unemployment was 10% after saying it wouldn't pass 8%.

      Now the libs say - "New Normal"

    • So how high does unemployment have to go before you say Obama's policies are wrong?

      How about 15%? Will you then say we have to reverse course?

      Never a question asked on GE owned liberal media!

    • Yea - in the beginning, cleaning up Carter's mess! It got better over time due to tax cuts.

      Obama had the same opportunity, but with tax and spending increases, unemployment is going up and will continue to go up!

      How high does it have to go before you realize Obama's policies are wrong - 12%, 14%, 20%? Pick a number? Obama promised nothing higher than 8% with the nearly trillion stimulus package. How's that working so far?

    • For some of you with a little age, you will recollect a book titled a Nation of Sheep. Those who blindly follow the ramblings of this Obama government and media types like CNBC, NBC, ABC or CBS will blindly follow this country over a cliff. I laugh at the 25 year old commentors on this site referencing Jimmy Carter's era. You weren't even alive to know the mess this country was in at the time. Your text books and professors never even explained the disaster that Democrat president led this country into. Obama is the reincarnation of that fool and worse. Look at the election night when Raagan beat him. It was over in an hour. Look for 2012. Same thing coming.

    • (1) Decreased tax burden-Believe more in decreased expense burden. If taxes go up but a companies health insurance costs go down more, its a positive for the company.
      (2) Less government intrusion-Alan Greenspan stated that this was a major cause leading to the financial crisis. Regulation is a necessary component to make certain that everyone is playing by the rules.
      (3) Government spending is always necessary to a certain extent. At this time, more is needed due to the problems caused by failing to regulate. But, I agree it should be curtailed as much as possible at most points in time.
      (4) For the most part, it doesn't look like this administration has any interest in running businesses. GM entered and left bankruptcy in record time. Chrysler was sold to another company.
      (5) I agree that salary caps aren't necessary; however, I fully support salary clawback provisions. The point of this is to prevent certain people from taking incredible risks that have the potential to destroy the US financial system.

      No, to be honest, I think your "solutions" are the definition of insanity.

      Insanity-doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

    • You are bullshiiting and repeating the same script that got you to crash site..


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