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  • robfisk robfisk Jul 25, 2010 10:28 PM Flag


    Maybe she'll stay there for the healthcare. Her mother is a nurse, she is worried sick. Maybe the bloke will come to the States. Jobs are hard to find there. England adopted Socialism years ago. I always remember a teacher I had in high school. He was English, taught history, we called it social studies back then. As a boy, during the war he found a German flag that washed up near the Cliffs of Dover, believed from a German U Boat. He was very proud of his trophy. He said he no longer addressed his mail to Great Britain any longer, just England. He wasn't happy the way things were going in 72, he'd stroke out if he knew Obama sent Churchill's bust back. It was given as a token of appreciation for the war effort. How will history record Oilbama? I still love his supporters struggle to detail what he has done good for our country. It's getting harder, and harder to find anyone willing to admit they voted for this guy.

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