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  • robfisk robfisk Aug 21, 2010 9:22 PM Flag

    Barrons's article: The Roads to Fiscal Ruin

    Please listen to John Voight's speeches. He reminds me so much of Ronald Reagan. He's a former actor, soft spoken, and very patriotic. He freely gives credit to others, unlike Oilbummer, from which all Socialist things come from. When elected, he like Reagan, will follow the modern day's worst President. Think of Carter, then Oilbama. Only difference, Carter was a man of his word. Carter had Amy go to DC Public Schools. Oilbummer, The Education President, has his kids in DC's best private school. At the same time, he is closing DC Charter Schools that give poor Blacks a chance at a quality education. Also this year you will no longer be able to deduct tuition interest off your taxes. Also gone is the business deduction for employee tuition assistance plans. Barrack should be renamed as the anti-education President. A more fraudulent man may we never have in the Presidency.

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