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  • sam_and_dave_sung sam_and_dave_sung Sep 1, 2010 6:29 AM Flag

    Leave tax rates on private citizens untouched

    and decrease every federal government employee's paycheck by 15% until the deficit
    is totally paid off. When their bloated paychecks are threatened, they will be forced
    to be more fiscally responsible.
    People who work for private companies pay the
    consequences for poor performance.
    Running and maintaining losses in government
    are not rewardable achievements.

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    • Obama and the tax a spend democrats want to suck every dime out of our pockets. Vote this liberal loons out come Nov.

    • >>>>>>>

      yes indeed, speaking of shared sacrifice,
      the time has come, to impose a 100% tax
      on all radical big-gov lefty progs,
      their lawyers and all their supporters
      like soros, gates, jobs et al. all of
      them need to be taxed out of existence
      before they can do anymore damage to the USA.

      yes indeed, let's have a 100% tax on the
      party of the rich prog elitists:

      nancy pelosi
      harry reid
      barney frank
      john kerry
      chris dodd
      joe biden
      chuck schumer
      maxine waters
      henry waxman
      pete stark
      john dingell
      barbara boxer
      diane feinstein
      dick durbin
      charlie rangel
      jim moran
      john lewis
      diane watson
      tim geithner
      rahm emanuel
      robert gibbs
      bh obama
      the clintons

      and for a little extra fun, let's
      throw in the ceo's of the washington
      post, the new york times and the los
      angeles times, cbs, nbc, abc, cnn and
      let's tax everyone in illinois 200%
      just to make up for all those taxes
      they have not paid over the years and
      let's not forget the head honchos of
      the uaw and seiu and all those
      hollywood lefties; and for a little
      extra spice let's nail raines and
      gorelick and johnson of the fn/m
      and fr/m cooking the books fame.

      now, that would be a good start.

      and, why not? they can afford to be taxed at 100%.

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