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  • drstone3 Feb 22, 2012 3:59 PM Flag

    The truth drives libs crazy. Why? Obama Gas over $4 & $5 Bucks! Fact!


    All . Exposed again > seanesq2001< How do you like her Homemade lying Gas Chart. The facts with prices and link below tell the real truth. will lie about everything and anything.

    2002 - $1.47 Bush as President
    2003 - $1.69 Bush as President
    2004 - $1.94 Bush as President
    2005 - $2.30 Bush as President
    2006 - $2.51 Bush as President
    2007 - $2.64 Bush as President
    2008 - $3.01 Obama takes Office
    2009 - $2.14 Obama as President
    2010 - $3.59 Obama as President
    2011 - $3.69 Obama as President
    2012 - $3.89 to date in Obama Presidential election year.
    *As of 2/14/2012
    The big story during this period of time was the continued rise of countries such as China and India, which has resulted in an increased demand for oil, gas and other commodities. Obama still having Zero US Energy Policy and ban on drilling in Gulf of Mexico since oil gusher leak by BP Oil continues to cause Oil Prices to climb higher based on worldwide demand. High Gasoline Prices hurts any President during an election year.
    Now Obama wants 4 more years! The truth drives libs crazy. Why?

    Wow! Liberal ABC & NBC just showed Gas Prices at $4.29 in Calf. Folks filling up on Sky High Obama Gas where mad as hell. I wonder why?? Obama you should have listened to Palin in 2008. She told you to drill baby drill. What did you do but stop drilling in Gulf and Alaska where we have boat loads of Oil. You went and wasted over a Billion Bucks of taxpayers’ money on Bankrupt Solar companies like Solyndra and Beacon Power. What a moron you are.

    The truth drives libs crazy. Why? when the truth will do just fine

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