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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Mar 13, 2012 7:36 PM Flag

    Huge Obama Stock Market Rally today. Another nail in the coffin for


    Republicans with no plan.

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    • Here is a puzzle for you. If the economy is doing so good, why is the national debt ballooning? Shouldn't the Treasury be overflowing with money from such a great economy? Something not adding up.

    • dagofromfl Mar 13, 2012 7:54 PM Flag

      Poor Obama Clock goes Tic Toc! Tic Toc! And time is almost up Mr. Obama! and voters won't be happy with your record below on Voting Day Nov.6,2012.

      Now! $4 & $5 Buck Obama Gas is some parts of US today. Ouch!

      1. Now Obama gets the First ever US downgrade after Bush left him a nice AAA rating.
      2. Record US unemployment going on 3rd year with 17 Million out of work still.
      2-B Record of over $1 Billion Wasted on Bankrupt Green Energy ie: Solyndra & Beacon Power!
      3. Record Deficits with Obama/Democrat spending of $5.3 Trillion in first 2 years alone.
      4. Record 4 Wars Raging under 3 years of Nobel Peace prize hypocrite Obama.
      5. Record Homes foreclosed on and business failures. Homes worth 35% less since Obama elected.
      6. Record 1 in 7 on Obama Food Stamps.
      7. Record Bailouts of Union Thugs & Big Bank Crooks.
      8. Record Obama Gas prices over $3.89 average price over 36 months.
      9. Record lies and broken promises Gizmo still open after 36 months.
      10. Record bigger government and more Obama Czars than Russia ever had.
      11. Record Vacations and Golf outings on Taxpayers dime for Obama family.
      12. Record closed door meetings and No-Transparency.
      13. Record Obama family Vacations taken on taxpayer’s dime.
      15. Record Stock Market 10 day lose for July & Aug.5, 2011
      16. Record Oil Gusher in the Gulf!!
      Please Obama run on your record of lies and failure above.
      Everyone Just Say ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐No to Obama and Democrats in 2012!

      Thanks magoober my trained little monkey! You love it!
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Another GOP Sweep in 2012 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sweet! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Poor Liberals will all be put on Suicide Watch Nov.7,2012!!

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