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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Mar 21, 2012 9:20 AM Flag

    ROMNEY: "If you want Free Stuff...Vote for the OTHER Guy"


    I'm rich and I want free tax cuts! Sorry to pull it out of your future social security :)

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    • And there in lays the problem. When he talks about freedom fueling the economy, he is talking about the freedom he exercised when he raided people's pension fund and made the government pension insurance make up the difference. It was like free money to him.

      There have been NO tax cuts since Reagan was elected. There have been tax deferments with interest. It is the Republicans who pass out the most candy, and they pass it out to those who have more than anyone could possible eat in a lifetime after taking it from those who get up at 5 in the morning to do menial work.

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      • Then let's stop taking it out of wages and instead tax imports.

        Repeal the 16th Amendment and instead:

        Tax imported raw material,
        Tax imported finished goods,
        Tax imported piece parts,
        Tax imported labor (H1-B' and the like),
        Tax outsourced labor (call centers etc),

        I think you get the idea.

      • That used to be true in some respect, but not any more they are all the same. Who has O mostly pandered too the super rich, get a grip and get up to date.

      • The Bain model:
        1. Identify solid cos with strong b/s and overfunded pension plans
        2. Raid them with debt funded cash
        3. Put the debt on target's b/s using callable securities with huge interest
        4. Vote mammoth fees for Bain and "special" dividends
        5. Call the debt and vote for BK
        6. Use pension cash first to repay

        So it is a simple game of stealing ... the American way ... "freedom" ...

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