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  • vox_speaks_now vox_speaks_now Apr 7, 2012 6:47 AM Flag

    obama doesnt want to raise taxes he wants to inflate the cost of everything


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    • Not really, uncle Ben is defalting the dollar with low rates so all China has to do is sit back and relax.

    • This is nothing new. As the government started growing in the 20th century, the more and more phony money they started printing. Democrats, and to a lesser extent Republicans both used the printing press to pay for their wasteful spending. Democrats in the 60s paid for their Vietnam war and Great soiety by printing money and looting the entire SSI surplus funds. The result of all this, and what the present bunch of totalitarian crooks have done is to make your money, more or less worthless. Taking the dollar of 1900 as the test for buying power, your current dollar is only worth a nickle compared to the 1900 dollar. All of this is ruining people who save money for retirement. The government of Obama is out to destroy savings with their artifically low intrest rates and taxation on dividends and interest, by which most of those retired live on. Only an idiot depends on SSI alone. Inflation is here despite what the liars in Washington tell you. Just go to the store and do something Democrats never do. Think for yourself.

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      • Inflation is here, you are right. If you shop and think about it you will see. Have you noticed that orange juice is now 59 ounces instead of 64, yet with a higher price. Ice cream is 1.5 quarts instead of 2 with a higher price. On ice cream, even if it was the same price, the quantity difference makes the price 25% or so higher. Of course they exclude food from some part of the inflation index......the thing I buy the most of, lol. I used to laugh at a guy, I think his name is Peter Schiff. Now I think he has it right, it's all a house of cards waiting to come down. Look at Europe, their socialism was supported by borrowing and borrowing. As Margaret Thatcher once said, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." So true and europe has reached that point and we are worse than they are but we are still printing away.

    • China has to buy to keep the dollar strong against their own currency.

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