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  • general.slaughter general.slaughter Jun 6, 2012 3:24 PM Flag


    That's right CONS, New World Order US Paramiltary POLICE FORCES all over the US are ordering DRONES to be used to SPY ON YOU!!

    GET ACTIVE press for LOCAL LAWS that OUTLAW anyone but the military to fly DRONES over AMERICA!!!

    A DRONE going down in IRAN and the many CRASHES of them says this is an UNSAFE TECHNOLOGY not to mention IT'S NEW WORLD ORDER to have COPS SPY ON YOU and plain UN-AMERICAN for them to do so. IN AMERICA you are INNOCENT to proven guilty thus there is NO PROBABLE CAUSE to be SPIED ON. We have a RIGHT to LIBERTY.

    I predict if allowed to be operated by NEW WORLD ORDER COPPERS DRONES will be SHOT DOWN by WE THE PEOPLE ...... enough is enough.

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    • US DRONES TOP BBC STORY............. wait until the BBC picks up on the US POLICE FORCES ordering all the DRONES! The whole world will be LAUGHING at US (pun).

      America will be seen by the people of the world as a COUNTRY ONCE FREE........ ONCE UPON A TIME.

      RIP LIBERTY!!!! One of youNYC CONS drop a sheet over the lady on the island please....

    • dear dsomeLOSERBOY, Look MORON you don't bother me for you are a NOBODY little turd trying to get attention from KNOWN MASTERS of MARKETS.

      Look BOY, CONS on WALL STREET aredown to flat out STEALING DOW POINTS while the MORONS at the SEC do nothing about it. STOCKS THAT TRADE IN BOGUS FASHION are to be HALTED. A 50 cent move on a PUNY 25 million out of 10.6 BILLION is a CON that cause investors to stock trading US stocks, another reason for the CON to be HALTED.

      You LOSERBOY back TERRORIST and COMMUNIST by being a GE shareholder, you helped CAUSE 9-11 BOY and many other TERROR ACTS as terrorist HATE people like you an meanwhile you help them via GE. It's the one thing I agree with the terrorist on, people like you are the lowest form of life on earth, all GE SHAREHOLDERS are. You profit from WAR, SELECTIVE ABORTION of UNBORN BABY GIRLS, POLLUTION, helping TERRORIST and COMMUNIST, etc. That's what DsomeLOSERBOY does, this is a FACT.

      Got the attentin you want yet LOSERBOY?

      GE is going DOWN MORON along with the CONS of the WORLD, there is NO STOPPING IT. NONE.....

      Run along BOY. We have to get all our folks doing some major SHORTING before the CON CLOSE.

      SHORTS LOAD THE BOATS on GE and the CON DOW. EU going DOWN and more money won't stop it. I'm not paying for EURO FAILURE BANKS, CORPORATIONS and COUNTRIES............. SHORTS LOAD UP! THis is all TALK that will never happen, just a CON. FACCC the EU and all who invest in TERROR and COMMUNISM (AKA GE SHAREHOLDERS).

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      • LMAO "KNOWN MASTERS of MARKETS".... that's a good one! More like "KNOWN MASTERS of the MORONS!"

        Stealing DOW points.... uh huh. Keep telling yourself the ROOKIE! Stock markets go up and down. Just because your shorts aren't getting more valuable doesn't make it a "CON".

        You are the poster boy for sour grapes.

        Now run along INFACT! Go suck on your mamma teet. You need to develop some more because you are still an immature punk. I should put you over my knee and spank you, but then you might cry even more than you are right now.

        Go on, run along... run along. You won't get any more free advice from me.


      Right general.douchebag? Everything is a CON.

      BTW, when are you going to bring out one of your other CON general names? I haven't beaten down general.snowshoe in a while. It's always fun to talk to ALL of your alter CON egos!

      HAHAHAHA You lose CON loser boy! Your CON is up, thanks to me!


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