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  • stocketrader stocketrader Sep 19, 2012 6:43 PM Flag

    My top 60 reason why obama should NOT be re-elected

    My top 60 reason why obama should NOT be re-elected.....but the list could be easily 600.
    ***Liberalism is a Mental Illness.***
    1. Thief - Trillions of dollars missing or misappropriate from the "stimulus package."
    2. Hater of America.
    3. Bows to a foreign king (un-freaking believable).
    4. REWARDS voter fraud - Acorn.
    5. 6 Trillion more in deficits; made our country go farther into debt any other president in history.
    6. Rises the unemployment rate.
    7. Doesn't keep sworn campaign promises like closing Guantanamo Bay, ect, ect, ect.
    8. Promoting his agenda rather than the people's.
    9. Apologizing to the world, saying America was bad or wrong.
    10. Stating that America is not a Christian nation...
    11. Lying incessantly.
    12. Appointed an extreme number of top fundraisers to key positions in the U.S. & around the world.
    13. Appointed a very large number of "lobbyist" to key government positions.
    14. Cancelled the prayer breakfast 3 years in a row, but went to Ramadan celebration.
    15. Didn't wear the American flag pin until recently so he can get re-elected.
    16. Had the "Muslim brotherhood" into the white house several times.
    17. His middle name is Hussein.
    18. 19 vacations in 3 years, taking air force 1, which is $6,000 an hour, using our tax money.
    19. People on welfare don't have to look for jobs so they get our hard earned money.
    20. Reads perfectly from the Quran.
    21. Went to a Muslim school before he moved to Hawaii.
    22. Wants to take "In God we Trust" off of our dollar bills.
    23. Wants to take "One Nation under God" out of the pledge of allegiance.
    24. Letting illegal aliens come over into our country without getting deported again.. AKA the dream act.
    25. He stated "if you own a business, you didn't build that business".
    26. Trying to take out the second amendment right and not let people own and bear arms.
    27. He refuses to say "Islamic terrorism" instead he says "man made disasters".
    28. Should be tried for treason for allowing the United States to lose it's AAA credit rating.
    28. Can't even provide a "good" phony birth certificate, the first president that isn't an American.
    29. Driving the economy of this country down the toilet, and causing inflation by printing more money.
    30. Nodding in agreement when his wife said "all this for a damn flag."
    31. Obama Care, forcing me to buy a product from a private company, 1st time in history.
    32. "Typical white person". Seriously? Please elaborate Mr. President on what that means.
    33. "don't have all the information....but the police acted stupidly". Eff Tha Po-Lease!!!!
    34. "Bitter and cling to their religion and guns." WTFreak....You sir are a complete idiot.
    35. No statement on Easter 2011. But, he's made a statement at EVERY Muslim holiday!
    36. Appointing a communist, Van Jones, as Green Jobs Czar.
    37. Decorating his Christmas Tree in 2009 with a Chairman Mao ornament.
    38. Lawsuit on Boeing for hiring non-union SC workers over union WA ones. Tyranny.
    39. "Like a white CEO living in the suburbs who..doesn't wanna help pay for inner city schools."
    40. Bombing Libya while officially saying "It's not a war, and we are not taking sides."
    41. His open Declaration that anyone who disagrees with him is the "enemy."
    42. Failed trip with Oprah attempting to get Olympics for Chicago.
    43. Date night in NYC with moosechelle.
    44. Received & accepted the Nobel Prize for doing absolutely nothing....what a disgrace!
    45. $4.00 gas prices, and saying we should have gas prices like Europe.
    46. Put control of the census in the hands of the white house.....Gee I wonder why????
    47. Hasn't figured out that Israel is an ally and Hamas is a terrorist organization.
    48. Sued Arizona for using and enforcing the federal immigration laws of the U.S.
    49. Told Republicans they can join the Dems on the bus but they'll have to ride in the back.
    50. Running around for two years as a candidate when the unemployment was 5% saying we have the
    worst economy in 70 years? Wow, I wonder what he thinks it is now?
    51. Said unemployment would not go beyond 8% if his "stimulus plan" was passed?
    52. Promoted “Summer Recovery Tour” -- Jokes on you America... Why aren't you laughing?
    53. Said "I will not add 1 DIME to the debt? If I wasn't crying so hard, I would be ROTFL!
    54. 535 million dollars for Solyndra to create approximately 4000 jobs? (That's $134,000 per job !)
    55. Let AG Holder decide that the terrorists would be tried in NY without consulting the FBI or NYPD.
    56. Remember Obama said he opposed the AZ’s immigration law but then admitted he had not read it.
    57. Said that we have "57 states". Where did he go to school again? Oh yea; I guess that's taught in
    Muslim schools.
    58. Used the word 'enemy' for Americans, for people who disagree with his agenda of bigger government.
    59. Said "Marine "CORPSE" instead of Corps.... or was it wishful thinking on his part?
    60. Said "My Muslim faith" several times in interviews, but denies that he's a Muslim????????

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