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  • people_help_coming people_help_coming Oct 12, 2012 11:57 AM Flag

    The Not So Good Joker Joe Biden His Bad Disrespect for Paul Ryan, The Ugly Smirks and Laughter

    On TV the Obama Biden campaign story did not change much. What we have here is, the not so good political strategy by Chicago Political Gangster David Axelrod, the very bad debater and President Barack Obama, the ugly disrespectful of Paul Ryan and hard working Americans watching the extremely poor behavior of a Second Banana Democrat , Joker Joe Biden who maintained a feral grin, constant laughing, smirks and bombastic language throughout the Biden Ryan Vice President Debate, the most offensive was the extreme laughing and smirking when Ryan spoke, even when the Iranian Nuclear treat was debated. God help us if Joe Biden ever becomes the commander and chief, he will even be worse then President Obama. I suspect Chicago Political Punk David Axelrod ordered him to do this to help stop the Obama poll bleeding , especially in the swing state polls. His intent may have been to intimidate Ryan or to make him look like a mere boy, but his demeanor was more Joker than vice-presidential. He went back and forth between contemptuous and deranged in a performance that, combined with his frequent interruptions of Ryan (over 80 according to one TV pundit), was both fascinating and slightly disturbing.

    Assessment — Not sure how to rate this. I wonder how Biden’s constant laughing, smirks, and bombastic language (“bunch of malarkey”) played with the viewers. NOT VERY WELL IS MY BET.

    The Joker Joe Biden blasts Ryan's 'malarkey' | Washington Times Communities

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    • Surge in Women Voting for Mitt Romney for President of USA and Their Reasons
      By ladies_4_romney . Oct 24, 2012 2:37 PM

      Women Democrat Voters and Others are Switching to Mitt Romney in Ohio Michigan Florida Virginia Pennsylvania Wisconsin New York- New Jersey ( East Coast to West Coast )

      The Democrat Ladies for Romney in all 50 States Ladies are Switching from Obama very Fast.

      Read this and you too will Change and become a "Romney Democrat" for a Stronger USA Economy and honest leadership.

      Women, Jewish Democrats and others are Switching to Mitt Romney for President.

      Women Review Debate 3 : First, Governor Mitt Romney Pasted the President Test, Ready to Lead USA. By USA_Jewish_Women 10 22 2012

      Great Impression: Mitt Romney's Stunning Turnaround in Past 3 Debates after Huge Negative Ads.

      The Reasons for Change is Obama has Lost the Support and Respect with Women Voters and Others.

      People Notice: Most Men and Women are Turned Off Against Barack Obama most everywhere and Across All 50 States,

      Here is the the Review of Debate 3 on October 22, 2012
      By a Jewish Women Focus Group of 7,890 Women Connecticut Across America

      Our Strong Plea for Change in the White House, Why? The following reasons listed bellow.

      Note: This review is a agreement amongst a Group of almost 8000 Women watching debates.

      During the Debate 3, President Barack Obama was Arrogant, Disrespectfully, Angry, Rude and Condescending to Governor Mitt Romney. Obama did not Act or Look Presidential.

      We Feel Governor Mitt Romney Pasted the Presidential Test and is Ready to Lead USA

      We Support Mitt Romney, found him to be a Smart, Respectable and Decent Gentleman.

      Governor Mitt Romney Looked Much More Presidential, Ready to be Commander-in-Chief.

      Mitt Romney said America Needs a Strong Economy in order to have a Strong Military for our National Security right now and the Future. ...... We All Agree.

      Women came away from this Debate with a Very Good Impression of Governor Mitt Romney, in that he would be a “ A Safe Pair of Hands.” in Foreign Policy and a Strong Economy. We Trust Him More. Obama lied about Libya on 9 11 ( a 8 hour fire fight, Obama watched did nothing)

      In Foreign Policy We feel Mitt Romney is Tough Enough to do what’s necessary, but laid-back enough not to do too much and get us into another war.

      Miit Romney Did Not attack President Obama's Policies, he Simply Pointed Out a Few Needed Improvements in a Very Respectable Way.

      During the debate Governor Mitt Romney Seemed More Like a Leader, Smart, Respectable, Thoughtful and Considerate. He looked and Acted more Like the New American President that our Nation and the rest of the World Needs so Disparately in These Troubling Economic Times.

      Governor Mitt Romney was Calm, Thoughtful, Relaxed, Steady, Looked Like A Smart Gentleman and More Presidential.

      Romney Looked and Acted as if he was Ready to Take the Job as Commander-in-Chief ASAP.

      President Barack Obama Looked more like a Very Disparate Candidate and Challenger, very Negative, Acted like a Disrespectful Attack Dog Instead of the President of the United States.

      Mitt Romney Expressed his Concern about Iran's Nuclear Threat that is 4 Years Closer and the USA Support of Israel, our Good Friend and Middle East Ally. The strained relationship with the Obama Administration.

      Tonight Romney Impressed the Ladies Very much, in that a Vote for Him is a Vote for American Security, Peace and Safety, a Strong Economy, a Strong Military, Millions of Higher Paying Jobs, Prosperity for the Middle Class and Others. and a Quiet Peaceful Life for USA and all People.

      The World is Much to Scary these days, Americans Aren’t Looking For a Scary Arrogant, Angry. Rude, Disrespectfully and Weak President. Barack Obama is Not the One to Lead us Any Longer

      Tonight we Came Away with the Feeling that President Barack Obama is extremely a more Scary Candidate then the President of USA.

      We are Concerned about America's Weaken Relationship with Israel, a Nuclear Iran, our Weaken Economy and the Huge 16 Trillion Dollars Debt, that in itself Threatens our National Security.

      Americans, Black, White, Latinos, Wake Up, USA Debt is Bigger than our Gross National Product.

      We Can Not Afford Four More Years of President Obama's Spending, Borrowing and lies.

      We Can Not Afford Another 5 or 6 Trillion Dollars in More Debt From China or Other Countries.

      Our Jewish Women's Focus Group of almost 8000 Democrats Therefore Proudly Endorse Governor Mitt Romney as the Next President of the United States of America.

      Vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Before It's to Late. Do it Now ....ASAP

      Public Notice: We Feel Strongly that President Barack Obama is No Longer Fit to Lead USA.

    • vote Mitt Romney is the man with your help.

    • people help coming soon

    • Mitt Romney is the man for jobs and debt reduction in my humble opinion.

      He has me and all my family and friends voting for him.

      My Disclosure, I was a Democrat when Obama was elected, wish I could take my Democrat vote back too.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • God Bless our New President Elect Romney and Vice President Elect Paul Ryan very soon with your help!

      A message from Mitt Romney below

      Make a Difference

      I believe in America’s greatness. The resilience of our people—coupled with real leadership—is enough to overcome any great challenge.

      A contribution from you, today, will go toward advancing a campaign that is centered on job creation and economic growth.

      Please donate. Together, we’ll make certain America remains the greatest nation on Earth.



      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Biden may have lost some points for style but Paul lost more for either not knowing that Mitt has called for 2trillion for defense increase or lying about them, slamming the stimulus program while spending it in his district, cutting embassy defense funds, lying about his support for social security and medicare, and lying about the ability to cut 5 trillion in taxes just by ending loop holes for 250K and up tax payers. .

    • Obama and company show me the money you crooked fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Biden made me angry, he was so disrespectful it made me ill. My brothers and sisters my vote is for Mr. Romeny and Mr. Ryan. President Barack Obama is a bad person and a trader in my book.

    • Gosh, I didn't hear or see anything written about Romney's smirk during the first debate. You Right Wingers are a bunch of hypocrites.

    • Biden had to smile at the lies that Ryan was telling. Some of the same lies the Romney-Ryan ticket have continued to spiel. I had to laugh when I heard some of the whoppers Ryan was telling. If you cons would do the research you would have caught the untruths that Ryan was spinning. Yes, Fact Check did find that Biden stretched the truth once.

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