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  • thebookstar1 thebookstar1 Oct 22, 2012 8:22 PM Flag


    I'm so tired of watching warren buffet come onto cnbc and parade is beer belly and pork rind but around like he's some kind of genius. Is this the same guy who bought ibm a couple years ago and it's still about the same price as when he bought it? I can speak for myself, but how many of you out there absolute hate to watch warren buffet on tv and the praise and bowing from cnbc talking heads as if he's the pope of wall street? he's just another guy who puts his underwear on in the morning and sh, sh, and showers. he's wealthy at the expense of others, and his donations are looked at as huge gifts of generosity. People with class don't banty about like this dairy queen pork chop does week after week, telling cnbc viewers that he thinks that stocks are a real steal at current levels just to get people to push his investments up in price and value. Ponzy-pusher, scammer, and pump and dump artists? Take your pick. buffet is no better than or worse than those who are serving for ponzy schemes on wall street. He just knows how to play the game without getting busted. remember a recent event where he canned one of his not-so-smart execs who made some big blunders with a company's stock that berkshire bought and he was chattering about the investment in an attempt to make it go higher in price. same for bank of america and his being granted stock with a guaranteed dividend of 5 percent. You and i cannot buy bac and get a 5 percent dividend, only warren gets this deal from bank of america. bank of america is hands down the most disliked and destitude bank on the planet. it's filled with bad loans and it's employees hate their superiors day in and day out. i know because i know 4 managers working at bac. it's a god awful place to work and employees joke about customers asking for new accounts and loans with bac because the employees feel only morans would bank with bac. i give bac 2 more years tops before they are merged to get rid of the bad image that bac brand of banking carries with the name. Amazing how big money can move a tiny penny stock to go against the grain of the true inner value of a buisness by driving it's stock to unjustified price level. Whose money is inside the walls of bank of america everyone? Anyone with a guess? hmmm, that would be our money in the form of tax dollars being pushed into the hands of bank of america and wells and others through tarp and other bailout plans from the fed. no wonder american's hate bank of america and wells fargo and other large banks in the u.s. this is the root of the hate. The government today picks winners and losers and stuff cash down the throats of rich bankers and fat cat cheating banks that have losing business plans where they give money to low lifes to buy homes and then only collect on about 1/10th of the loan later on when the customer gives the house to bac to resell and eat there higher interest loan than current interest rates are today. no wonder the fed will be running the banks in the next 5 years. mark those words, it will happen.

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