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  • romneytard romneytard Oct 26, 2012 4:51 PM Flag



    Glad I live in California! We had a winter storm last weekend, which brought snow the the mountains, and now, it's clean and beautiful outside. Absolutely gorgeous.

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    • Yes, So. Central LA is beautiful this time of year. And who would not like to visit Compton any time of year? Earthquakes, no big deal, bankrupt state, no biggy, just blame Bush. Wildfires and mudslides? Sounds like a couple of cocktail drinks.

      Tanned babes with mega-hooters. Worth the trip.

    • We heard this same Cali garbage from libforlife, who thought everything was perfect until she stopped posting and croaked of multilple strains of AIDS (I assume).

    • I have to admitt, there are a couple of sites I would like to see in California, but they are far from the cesspool cities. I much perfer the south shore of Lake Superior, in the summer. The beauty of Lake Superior is unrivaled. It also has the advantage of affordable housing market, in the western part of the UP and affordable taxes because of the affordable housing costs. Cheers. By th way, how is the credit rating and debt servicing going in California?

    • Hope to visit Cali someday. Must be better than the northeast.

    • Yeah... it's lookin' like we're gonna get whumped.

      Sandy isn't supposed to stop by until Monday but folks are already going nuts. Traffic is horrendous. Stop-and-Shop (food store) is already picked over and the help is rolling out pallets of extra batteries and flashlights. There are line of cars at all of the gas stations as folks top up their vehicles. It's crazy.

      With all of the extended power outages we had in the past year due to hurricanes, intense winter storms, etc. it's beginning to feel like living in a 3rd world country.

      But since the last couple of storms eviscerated the forests, hopefully there won't be as much destruction of the power distribution system.

      Apart from the tidal surge on the coast line, the "killer" might be the projected width of the wind storm damage; it's projected to be enormous.

      We'll soon see...

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