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  • mush_limpyballs mush_limpyballs Nov 1, 2012 9:11 PM Flag

    Ever wonder why Romney and Ryan say those over 55 years will be safe?

    Because Romney is going to dump our healthcare costs onto you younger folks, up tp $120 a for Romney could be your most expensive vote.....

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    • Obama has already thrown grandma and grandpa over the cliff, by robbing them of their CD interest. Obama and his Fed stooge have crashed CD interest rates and are keeping them artifically low. Democrats continue to impoverish the elderly, as they have destoryed SSI and Medicarre. Thanks to Obama doctors will not want to treat medicare patients. Obama has access to all our checking accounts under Obamacare. They can take your money without your approval. Typical Dremocrat, They are taxing the medical devices you need. They are, next year, scheduled to have a 3.8% sales tax on your home. THey are destroying healthcare as more and more companies will abandon providing healthcare because of Obama.

    • Romney will divide the young and the old. The young will be upset that they have to carry the old and will get behind politicians wanting to cut Medicare and Social Security. It's the BIG PICTURE the old weezers can't see.

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      • Got one better than that. And I saw it on Big Bird's channel. Public TV. They did an hour about the pending battle between Brown, and White. They said 80% of the elderly were white, whereas they expect the Mexican immigrant population to support them. They showed elderly laughing, and playing suffle board. Whereas they showed the young Latinos, standing around, looking envious of what others have. Man, that pretty divisive for Big Bird. And if anything it's the other way around. The elderly taxpayers are paying to allow these people to chill out all day. How come we must finance PBS to produce this cr@p. How many know that Big Bird gets $850k a year to do what he does. Mitt is right, these cartoons don't need our money.

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      • Why would young people want their future Medicare and SS screwed up by Romney?

    • Where do you idiots come up with this #$%$?

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