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  • marcymartin23 marcymartin23 Nov 14, 2012 12:50 PM Flag

    like the market ...thank a puke

    #$%$ fcks looking out for the 1% ... what do you think Rmoney would have done ?????

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    • How do you like this lyihng President right now, Marcy? One thing Romney would have not done would be to lie, which is a trait that comes natural for Obama. This barfbag is taking the markets down with his non-bending logic. That does not exclude the Tea Party cling-ons who also refuse to bend. Combined, these idealogical pukes (both Republican and Democrat included) continue to watch as Rome burns. Romney would have not performed this badly, IMO.

      I am not a 1%er by any means, but unlike those who are professional "takers", I have worked hard since getting out of school, which was nearly 60 years ago, served my country, started and operated a business, employed 35 professionals, retired and now watching the markets eat into my retirement savings. Certainly, I am not alone. There are many here on this board, both uber-liberal and off the wall conservative who, secretly or openly, hold this amateur community organizer with considerable. Here is a person who is chronically dishonest not only in his economic ideals, but our national security (Benghazi and Fast and Furious come quickly to mind).

      Maybe you can afford this poor excuse for a leader, most cannot. Wait until the working class get their 401K and pension plan statements!

      I am lucky enough to be able to pay my bills, contribute to charities, help my family out when they need to pay unexpected bills. But many cannot as their savings are being hammered through no fault of their own. They cannot put money in savings accounts that pay less than 1% when their cost of living annually increases 5% or more. Small businesses cannot hire or even afford to retain present help not knowing what what faces them in tax increases and more government regulations.

      So, Marcy, you like this egotistical amateur whose only concern right now is his legacy. To him, I would say Mount Rushmore will not be scarred with your image anytime soon.

    • Marcy, you are one dumb Fing split-tail...

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