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  • gilbertnerdly gilbertnerdly Nov 17, 2012 9:41 AM Flag

    I think it is funny those Hostess workers are losing their jobs.

    Their union thought they could bluff the company and lost...well workers, what do you thonk of your union now? Time to face reality losers.

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    • In the mid 1960s a copper foundry had a company in my home town. The Union went on strike, even after they were told the plant would be closed if they did. It paid good money and benefits, but they wanted more. When the union went out on strike, trucks pulled up to the plant. The machinery was loaded up and moved away. They never settled the strike. A cousin of mine lost his job and spent the rest of his working life as a golf course grounds keeper making much less than he did before. Thousands of other union people in my town lost their good paying GM jobs when the UAW refused to make concessions. Now many of those workers are making anywhere from a third to half what they made before with few or no benefits. Union leaders care nothing about the workers or their families. They would rather they all starve to death, rather than adjusting to changing times. THey are all #$%$ that are still living in the 1920s, like our president is still thinking he is Stalin.

    • A holding company owned Interstate Bakery,s, never did anything to improve the company,s financial profits, so as soon as they come out of the first bankruptcy, they almost immediately went into a second bankruptcy. Even if the workers did take consessions, managements motive was to sell the company piece, by piece, that,s how a holding company makes their money, You don,t want a Holding company to buy a company your working for.

    • Time for them to make pizza's, fried chicken and tacos and have USPS deliver them.

    • What is sad, is that they may make more money on government welfare than actually working. Things are all backwards in this country. Right is wrong, and wrong is right. Punish the makers and reward the takers. That is what a community organizer, who has never worked a real job, does for people. Everyone thinks they are a victim and someone must pay.

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      • As an ex welfare counselor, I think you are correct. If one can take advantage of all of the programs offered on welfare, the average income now according to what I saw on TV, is $32,250/year.
        The benefits: cash grant; food stamps; low rent housing (as little as $0); medical; optical; dental; cell phone; transportation; voc. ed; counseling; baby sitting; books; clothing; utilities; sleep in every morning; chase the spouse before lunch; etc etc and etc.
        The big problem with welfare, is once a family gets on it it is very difficult to get them off. They do not leave willfully. Pride does not get them to leave the good life.
        A simple cruel solution is, since gov't says MW is a fair wage, if no immediate job prospect to assign them a meaningful gov't job at MW. This is what will be required to get them off of welfare.
        In the words of one recipient, "If I am going to have to work for my money I'm going to go get me a good job". Liberal/socialist and unions will never allow this.

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