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  • silverspoon_rentseeker silverspoon_rentseeker Nov 27, 2012 11:13 PM Flag

    Stock market is good (what a recovery!), millions of jobs created, but student loan delinquency is rising?

    Something doesn't add up. Oh well, wonder what the plan is.

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    • When you pump hunreds of billions of phony dollars into the economy, with no increase in goods or services, they tend to go to giving a bubble effect to the market. You better look at those jobs you are talking about. They are mostly seasonal part time jobs. You should also look at all those full time jobs that are becoming part time jobs, out of the uncertainty and fear of the costs of government controlled healthcare.There is alot of uncertainty out there, which has to be solved, before we can have a real solution to the slow economy. Looks like the Democrats are badly split on how to handle the fiscal cliff. Seems they want the tax increases, but not the spending cuts. If so, it means no solution to the real problem of massive government overspending on entitlements.

    • The stock market sucks. 6 trillion in deficit spending and who knows how many trillions Helicopter Ben has lent out and the market can't even reach the Bush 2007 highs,

      Stock market should be North of 25K by now.

    • The plan is to create or save 200 to 300 million new jobs.
      Then get this plane in the air. AF1 to vegas ... quick

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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