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  • hacoda57 hacoda57 Dec 8, 2012 3:03 PM Flag

    Communism is great,

    if you are at the top of the food chain like our political elite and celebrities. Capitalism is the great equalizer for regular people.

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    • Relax. Five million new jobs were created. This is an economic boom that is currently happening. Not where I am, but I'm sure it has to be great out there. Just watch the news and you will see how good it is out there. Of course, if you are in the public sector, you never had a downturn.

    • In theory, I would agree about capitalism. In practice, the playing field is not level. It is skewed toward those who already have wealth. This needs to be fixed so that the American Dream can be realized and we don't end up as nation of lords and peasants with laws that look nice on paper. It's not communism or socialism, those are just words that Fox News and talk radio uses to rile people up, it is common sense.,_2007.jpg

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      • The problem is too much government. Try starting a business these days. You have to pay the government thousands of dollars before you can even make a dollar. Business has risk, and the government makes the risk even greater with all their regulations, taxes, and policies. Get government out of the way and watch this economy go. Yes, government does play a role in keeping monopolies from taking control and making sure the business environment is fair, but this government has failed in both regards.

        We are in trouble when a person makes more by staying on government programs than working. Common sense says that this will fail.

        I don't see Obama and the Dems doing anything to get government out of the way of doing business and making work more profitable than staying on government programs.

      • demedici Dec 8, 2012 4:13 PM Flag

        What did equality do for Greece? Who will bail America out when our system collapses? Please. why can't you just move there instead of trying to ruin this country? At least, that way you can come to this grossly unjust nation for your periodic bail out needs. You liberals are pathetic.

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