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  • tfaanz tfaanz Dec 9, 2012 9:18 PM Flag

    Special Dividend....???

    How can this be ?? GE"s stock price so much lower then ten years ago, you would think if any company out there pays one, we should have been the first.... GE receives billions from GE Capitol and what do we as share holders get..... squat. As a long term holder I for one believe we need a change in the management of this company. This company is better broken up.... I Know most would rather rant about everything else, but for those of us that own any shares here, I think its time for our voices to be heard. The management either has to step it up, or move a side.... If GE is not up at least 5 bucks by the next board vote, I will vote against every one, and would like to hear from other share holders. Is this performance acceptable to you, does this stock price reflect the true prospects of GE, and if not why not??? How can Walmarts be 72 Mc donalds 90 and cmg at 225 and we are 21...yea right

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    • Stock price in isolation means nothing.

      GE has a market cap of 224B, bigger than McDonalds (89 billion) and CMG (8.6 billion). Only Walmart has a bigger market cap (240 billion).

      In terms of dividend yield, GE payout is 3.2%, Walmart 2.2%, McD 3.4%, CMG doesn't pay dividend.

      I expect GE to increase the dividend starting next payout period (Jan 2013). They announced the last three quarterly dividends on Mar 7, Jun 8 and Sep 7 so the announcement is coming any day now.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Don't hold your breath waiting for BOD and CEO to do something for the shareholders.
      I have voted against all for many years now, but I don't have enough shares to make a difference.
      I feel your pain, and will continue to vote against.

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