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  • rchites rchites Dec 11, 2012 8:07 AM Flag

    SIC Union bashing

    Only idiots dont see the benifits of joining a union shop. Every body has a story going one way or another. DAY after DAY a story comes out about a bad union experience..... There are ten times that number of stories with un qualified greedy azzed employees and companies doing shoddy work. Stupid people blame the unions for political gain.

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    • Only #$%$ and thugs see the benefits of joining a union shop. You become a slave to the union bosses who tax your wages and use that money to enrich themselves and their loyal thugs, like Obama. The union demands you be their slave, by refusing you the right to work at a company they control, though the jobs come from the company, not the union.

    • Unions are fine and will always be. They are the 1 percenters work force. It's the upper middle class segment of the commoners and the only way to get there is to get a public sector union gig in today's era. Sure, they cost alot but there is a limitless supply of money. It's a wonder that they don't strike more often to get some more dough.

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