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  • nsn998011 nsn998011 Dec 11, 2012 8:30 PM Flag

    70% of Americans will blame republicans when we go off the cliff


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    • Didn't you tools preach for 8 years that going back to the Clinton tax rates was a good thing????????????????

      What has changed???????????????????????????????

      Shouldn't the 51% who voted for Obombo want to go back to the Clinton tax rates???????????????????

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      • What was the economy like when Clinton was in Office - OHHH that's right it was one of the most expansive economic times in the History of the United States of America.

        What has changed: Republicans tried to bankrupt the country since then. And they are still trying.

        Go back to Clinton tax rates: YES and NO - tax rates need to return to the Clinton era but simplified ... It is nothing more than obvious. Obama has reduced the growth of government yet the deficit is still out of control. That means expenses are increasing at a decreasing rate. Which is better than Bush by a long shot... Bush created a spending machine... just like Reagan and Bush 41. Growth of the Fed Government was nearly 9% annual during his Bush's first term and over 5% annual during his second term. Obama growth rate is under 2%.

        However, we also need to simplify the tax code in a massive way. It is atrociously complex so much that it takes a figgen Master's in Accounting to get your arms around it all. It is absolutely ridiculous and costs us a fortune to manage and govern. It is this way for a reason... and that reason includes - all kinds of breaks for people and business and most put more in the pockets of the rich and large corporations. The system is complex also to keep people from cheating the system but it ain't working so good. It needs to be simplified such that revenue to the Fed continues but doesn't cost the Fed a boatload to manage and govern while reducing the burden on all business - small and large.

    • sdmiller4747 Dec 11, 2012 9:09 PM Flag

      If America goes off the fiscal cliff I'll be blaming the Liberal Media for not warning us about Obama before he was elected the first time! Jesus, America really made a bad judgement call when they elected this communist anarchist to the White House!

    • Because they have been brainwashed

    • Well, it proves you can fool most of the people all the time. Of course, Democrats would realy have to blame Obama, since they believe that the president is responsible for everything. If you remember, they blamed Bush for everything. If they don't blame Obama, they will be lying hypocrites, but that isn't anything new for them.

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