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  • floridadave2001 floridadave2001 Dec 11, 2012 10:39 PM Flag

    Only 7% of Detroit 8th graders can read on grade level


    So they should take the opportunity to fire every teacher who goes out on strike or walks off the job and replace them all with good non-union teachers. If striking is more important than the kids education they don't need to be teachers anyway.

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    • You do not have to know how to read and write on an assembly line. You just need to be able to recognize the end of a bolt and put a nut on it. I will admit working on a line can be boring work.

    • My friend works as a teacher in Detroit.
      I told him to apply for combat pay.
      He's not working in the normal teaching environment. The entire system is broke.
      Few fathers in the home, kids don't see parents getting up and going to work, poverty, lack of discipline at all levels, and a teaching system that promotes loyalty to the union way beyond teaching the kids.
      I don't think the teachers are fully to blame. The problems are deep and systemic.

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      • It is easy to blame the teachers, and people like to do the easy thing, just like those kids from broken homes. When I have brought up the idea that the educational problems in this country are cultural and have little to do with the quality of teachers, I was called all sorts of names by people with a solely anti-union ax to grind. The reason that there has been so much anti-union propaganda is because of the campaign finance system in this country, nothing else. It is not based on economics. Unions are a necessary part of the economic system, which is not purely defined by simple economic equations taught in econ 101. Long term, the more money paid out at the middle level, the better for everyone, even those who would otherwise benefit from better margins to report next quarter. Of course, increases in automation and the fact that all those middle level jobs can be done with better margins in Bangladesh and China is something that Unions and management both have to deal with, but the blind ham fisted bashing of unions is a little disturbing, even coming from people who get most of their income from day trading.

    • Spoken like a true uninformed person. It is pretty hard for teachers to teach when the kids aren't in school. Did your pea brain ever think of that? Teachers in a Union were educated in the same schools as non union teachers. Did that ever cross your feeble mind? I bet you wouldn't last one day in a classroom. They would have to take you to psych ward.

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