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  • big_hairy_beevur big_hairy_beevur Dec 28, 2012 8:56 PM Flag



    The Congressional GOP is the most useless in history. What a bunch of worthless, unAmerican #$%$.

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    • ROFLMAO. You have to be drunk as a skunk. Liberals never think. They have been ordered by their masters not to think, read or question the position of their leaders or party. Remember when adolphj Palosi told all of you that you cannot read a bill before you vote on it. That is th restatement that proves liberal never think. Like the people in Germany, as the Nazis were taking over you surrendered your right to think to your leaders, Liberals are a disgrace to the ideas upon which this nation was founded. You and all libs have given up the right to think, reason and question, to become Europeans for the assumed security leftwing government offer, but cannout maintain. Lies and Liars that is all the Liberals have to offer, like all totalitarians.

    • seems to work that way

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