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  • qaydan qaydan Dec 29, 2012 11:42 AM Flag

    Democrats looking into a ,mileage tax

    Now the Demcorats want to tax us on the miles we drive. They say it is for fixing roads and bridges. To its credit Obama's administration has not offically endorsed it. However, it does show the mentality of the Democrats and their urban way of thinking. Besides, the HWY Trust fund was more than enough to fix highways and bridges, but vast amounts of the trust were put into funding mass transit projects and keeping them going, not for the repair of roads and bidges. Like all government honey pots, it was robbed blind by the politicians. Just imagine how much it will add to food costs, as your food is grown in rual areas. Of course, there would have to be another massive government agency to monitor every car and truck in the nation.

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    • Libtards are brilliant. If it moves tax it. If it dies tax it.

    • Obama wants to tax you for exhaling the CO2 polutant..

    • Don't believe that #$%$. There has been a tax on gasoline for many years, defined as road use tax. That money was supposed to go for road up keep. Zillions of dollars have been collect and it went into the general fund and used for every socialist program. Now the money is gone, spent foolishly and the gov't wants to raise taxes to do what we have already paid taxes for.

    • I guess Qaydan you don't realize there are many cars and other vehicles on the road today that are not paying gas tax for the many miles driven. Road revenue comes from basically 2 sources: gas or fuel tax and vehicle licenses. In some States there are toll charges. Many cars today get higher miles per gallon of fuel. This results in less revenue. The roads and highways still have to be repaired and kept up due to weather and use. Incidently, funds used for mass transit has served to keep down the cost of vehicle fuel. Why? Because of less demand. It is plain to see you have no trust in Government. Paranoia is a bad state of mind and can lead to a mental disease.

    • Seriously .... how stupid are you? If you are were to drive an electric vehicle, how would you help pay for roads and bridges? You're not buying gas ... soooooo... Please tell me that you now get it.

      Right now, big gas guzzlers are subsidizing the prius drivers by paying more gas tax. Personally, it makes me want to buy an electric car. You can pay for my roads ;-)

    • At first appears to be a fair tax.
      However you know it will eventually be based on income. Those making under $50K per year will pay no tax and those making over $200K will support the 50% that do not pay......

      Maybe they should have a tax on body fat..............those under 15%, pay nothing..........and then graduate the tax to obesity........

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Dec. 28, 2012, NYTimes:


      DUBLIN — Over the last three years, with its economy in tatters, Ireland embraced a novel strategy to help reduce its staggering deficit: charging households and businesses for the environmental damage they cause.

      The government imposed taxes on most of the fossil fuels used by homes, offices, vehicles and farms, based on each fuel’s carbon dioxide emissions, a move that immediately drove up prices for oil, natural gas and kerosene. Household trash is weighed at the curb, and residents are billed for anything that is not being recycled.

      The Irish now pay purchase taxes on new cars and yearly registration fees that rise steeply in proportion to the vehicle’s emissions.

      Environmentally and economically, the new taxes have delivered results. Long one of Europe’s highest per-capita producers of greenhouse gases, with levels nearing those of the United States, Ireland has seen its emissions drop more than 15 percent since 2008. .”

      By contrast, carbon taxes are viewed as politically toxic in the United States. Republican leaders in Congress have pledged to block any proposal for such a tax, and President Obama has not advocated one, although the idea has drawn support from economists of varying ideologies.

      Yet when the Irish were faced with new environmental taxes, they quickly shifted to greener fuels and cars and began recycling with fervor. Automakers like Mercedes found ways to make powerful cars with an emissions rating as low as tinier Nissans. With less trash, landfills closed. And as fossil fuels became more costly, renewable energy sources became more competitive, allowing Ireland’s wind power industry to thrive.

      Even more significantly, revenue from environmental taxes has played a crucial role in helping Ireland reduce a daunting deficit by several billion euros each year.


      But with Republicans in control of the House, I guess we'll just stay stupid.

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      • That doesn't take republicans It takes a liberal to be forever stupid. In case you missed the acts, our government already taxes the daylights out of fossil fuels. They also had a lot of money is SS but they spent that as well. The libbies like to whine about SS but ail to realize that the issue is not how much it costs but the repayment due to federal folly.

        There will NEVER be a solutionto these problems until the people stop to define the problem adequately. That's why we have no solutions. There are too many #$%$ looking to get freebies.

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