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  • cwbyruff cwbyruff Jan 16, 2013 11:36 AM Flag

    The intelligent, freedom restricting democrat

    Dems crying for gun control when they are responsible for killing more babies each year without guns.
    Put governors on cars to limit speeds to the speed limit. Why do we need cars to go 80+ MPH? How many people are killed in car wrecks?
    Talking about car wrecks, why not require one to use a toximeter built into the ignition of a car. How many people are killed by DUI drivers?
    Does not smoking kill people, yet this great government still pays people to grow tobacco.
    Lets no forget those evil, evil 32 oz. drinks.
    Laws have really eliminated the use of illicit drugs. No one uses illegal drugs anymore. Right?
    If one is going to kill someone, why would that person be deterred by a law against having a gun?
    Yes! Hide behind the babies & pass a law to restrict gun ownership so that only the people who do not care about the law anyway will be the only ones with guns. Really smart idea! But, what else is new!!!

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