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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Jan 28, 2013 9:33 PM Flag

    Allowing 10 million illegals to stay, and steal jobs from u.s. workers, shows the left has abandoned unions


    big time.
    and the union voters somehow still vote for the democrats.
    hey afl-cio, and electrical brotherhood, sorry to tell you, but the demos havent cared abou you for a long time.
    they are doing nothing about the "right to work" wave in the mid west.
    they know illegals and latinos will vote to get their help.
    they know they will donate money.
    and they know that you union guys are too set in your ways, and have union leaders who don't care if their membership is people who helped build this great country, or people who come in illegally, steal jobs, don't learn english, fight dogs, deal drugs, run outcall services, and suck money out of our healthcare system.
    the last time a democrat kicked an illegal out, is when janet reno sent a swat team to florida to send home one little boy.
    cripes , look at menendez. hes a lefty, and he hired an illegal who was also a perve.
    the union membership should be in an uproar over leaving millions in.

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