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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Jan 30, 2013 1:14 PM Flag

    Illinois recipient of huge military sales to egypt, after #$%$ Durbin worships Hillary at benghazi hearing


    Does that sound cruddy ?
    He is still saying susan rice, was told 5 days later, that it started as a protest, when tapes show no portest, and a 7 hour seige.
    he is still saying hillary did a great job, despite the fact that she helped 2 countries overthrow their leaders, and are now run by the extremist brotherhood.
    How can the u.s. sell weapons to a government run by extremists.
    Hillary got paid to keep her mouth shut, by having her 2008 campaign deb paid.
    #$%$ Durbin got paid to worship Hillary, and tow the party line, by getting a nice sale of weapons to egypt, that will primarily be made in his state of Illinois.
    By the way, with each passing day, its looking like the benghazi assault, was planned by the U.S. and extremists, to help get more weapons.
    When the soldier at the annex, a mile away, came over and freed 30 people, the extremists got mad, and killed the rest. And no chance of any arms.
    So now, out of the blue, they get the arms they wanted all along.
    And 3 months from now Sec of State Kerry will admit some of the amrs sent to egypt are now in extremsits hands.
    and 3 months from now, we'll have an associated press story, with a picture of obama, sitting at his desk, holding his head low, in dispair, with the story being "I failed to help them" and the american people will feel his pain, and not blame him for his inactions. and he'll again be able to wear his newsweek halo, and chriss mathews will still get aroused, whenever he hears him speak.

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