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  • bullbarrell Feb 1, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    The devils Health Care!!!

    Nothing but broken promises! (Lower health care cost!!) They said it would cost the typical family 2500 less a year!! LOL LOL Even libs have agreed that the new law will add 30 to 70% to idiot care! (Smaller deficits!!!) You don't have to explain this one even a libs knows this will not happen!! (Preservation of existing insurance!!) This theme ran throughtout the idiots selling of idiot care!! The claim is obviously false (Increased productivity) The idiot said that healthcare would reform and reduce unemployment,raise labor supply and improve insurance coverage, wow!!! Nice lie!!. It is all a complet lie as this was told this am in the Wall Street Journal!!!!!!! We have a complete lier and idiot trying to be a big man with no experence at any thing trying to run a country! U think the employment is not going higher wait till the things u have not been told about in the idiot care package comes to life with the high cost involved and worse care!!!!!

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