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  • drstone3 Feb 12, 2013 5:02 PM Flag

    Remember what Obama promised in his last State of Union and in 2008 campaign? I do.

    I Remember in 2008 when Obama promised us all of these? Well now we all know he lied.

    Obama promised to keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent.
    Obama promised to close the detention center at Guantanamo in the first year.
    Obama promised to put all bills on the White House web site for five days before signing them.
    Obama promised to have the congressional health care negotiations broadcast live on C-SPAN.
    Obama promised to end earmarks.
    Obama promised to make peace with direct, no precondition talks with Americas most hate-filled enemies during his first year in office, ushering in a new era of global cooperation.
    Obama promised to end the hiring of former lobbyists into high White House jobs.
    Obama promised to end no-compete contracts with the government.
    Obama promised to disclose the names of all attendees at closed White House meetings.
    Obama promised for a new era of bipartisan cooperation in all matters.
    Obama promised to have chosen a home church to attend Sunday services with his family by Easter of last year.
    Please add to Obama list of broken promises. Thank You!
    US Deficit Facts: Clinton left $236 billion surplus. Bush had $1.3 trillion deficit over 8-years. Obama $6 Trillion deficit in Just 32 months. Hows that Hope & Change working for No Jobs Obama the big spending liar.
    Yes! Obama finally Admits behind closed doors that State of the Union in 3-Words! We are Bankrupt!

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