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  • llsloan123 llsloan123 Feb 12, 2013 10:40 PM Flag

    GE bursting out!! serious GE investors only please!!!

    have you seen the .82 uptick for GE after hours!!!! I believe tomorrow will be a huge day. I believe it will hit $24 easy. Thoughts???

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    • For what it's worth, Morningstar has a Fair Value Estimate of $25, as of last month.

    • is there anyone out there with feedback on GE stock move???? I know everyone is watching TV but I'm interested in making some money!!! I have been long on GE for some time. but may have to sell some tomorrow as I need the profit. Any longs going to sell in the next couple of days

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      • Unfortunately, this board is overrun by fools who have nothing better to do than post extreme left/extreme right political drivel. I saw a post on here some time ago about Fox News banning comments on their website, so the endless (and mindless) chatter between these juxtaposed idiots oozed in here instead. As we are probably the last two GE stockholders that even bother to peek in here hoping to see some like minded, intelligent and insightful company related posts, I thought I'd at least offer up my two cents on the deal. I'm glad to see GE spinning off some of it's non-core holdings so we can focus more on our industrial endeavors such as medical imaging and electrical generators. I'm also happy to see the company is raking in a bundle of $ on the deal and that they will use the money to accelerate their stock buyback plan to $10 billion this year. All in all, I think GE stockholders should be pleased as I think the deal is very good for increased value for our shares. I've been long GE for several years now and plan to continue to hold my shares as I think they will continue to steadily grow in value. The dividend is solid, will probably be boosted down the road and if you're not already doing so I strongly recommend the dividend re-investment program. Good luck to you and to all us GE longs!

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      • Took me four years to get even. I won't be selling. If it gets to 25 I will write some covered calls.
        Good luck

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