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  • agereanb agereanb Feb 17, 2013 9:30 PM Flag

    Booth and Teabaggers


    Booth was pro-confederate. So are Teabaggers.

    Booth served as a delegate for the Know Nothing Party. That certainly describes Teabaggers, but consider that the party was the nativist political movement of it’s day, hated minorities, strongly opposed immigration, and was open only to males of British descent. Teabagger screeds on “anchor babies” echo this sentiment.

    Booth was an avowed Tenther, just as today’s Teabaggers.

    Booth blamed the President and the federal government for the nation’s ills and said he “wished the President and the whole damned government would go to hell”. Teabaggers share this hatred of the President and federal government.

    Booth followed, in advance, the advice of Bachmann, Beck, Limbaugh, Palin and other Republicans whom Teabaggers worship, and used a Second Amendment solution to cure an election he did not like. What could be more representative of Teabaggers?

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