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  • theterribleleft theterribleleft Feb 22, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    Trusting gov to police business works so well, NOT

    it takes a public private partnership but in the end the tax payer is getting it in the end.....
    we really need to fail and clear out the dead wood to start growing new trees....
    proping up bad companies and poor players does not seem to be working....

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    • brilliant, not statement.

    • Liberals are not necessarily the ones to want prop up bad companies or wanting big government. In many cases, it is conservatives who wants big government and to prop up bad companies. The biggest budget item is the defense budget. Our defense budget is bigger than all other countries defense spending combined. Many of the weapons we are producing (like tanks, aircraft carriers, F35s, etc.) are going obsolete yet we will still be pouring trillions of dollars into these weapons. Conservatives are fighting every step of the way to prevent the military from retiring these weapons and acquiring weapons that the military actually needs.

      The sequestration is a good first start in GOP willingness to cut the defense budget but this very haphazard. It do not really cut obsolete weapons and the GOP is only doing this for political gains. This whole stupid exercise might actual increase the amount of money the US has to spend in the future for defense.

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