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  • floridadave2001 floridadave2001 Feb 22, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    Here's why Romney lost


    It's not hard to see why evangelical Christians stayed home and refused to vote for a Mormon when you have Mormon "conservatives" like John Huntsman telling conservatives they need to embrace "gay marriage". How can any Christian who believes as the Bible says that homos can't get into the kingdom of heaven accept the kind of lifestyle that Christianity believes to be evil? If Romney weren't a Mormon he would be President Romney today.

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    • Where does it say that? Quit making stuff up.

    • Mitt lost the race when team Obama picked him as an opponent back in 2008, they took Huntsman out of the race by giving him an Ambassadorship, by ignoring the other republicans clowns in the race and attacking Mitt early give Mitt the aura of being the candidate that could beat Pres Obama, the tea baggers bought it hook line and sinker. GWB accepted Cheney's views on the gay lifestyle yet he was reelected. All the new laws to suppress the Black and Hispanic vote backfired spectacularly and drove up the effort to get out the minority vote. If democrats can get Hispanics to vote in larger numbers elected republicans will become an endangered species.

    • IMO, the radical fundamentalist evangelicals are as much of a cult as the mormons ... Willard lost because he had no character, no programs, no convictions and he managed to insult and alienate women, minorities, gays and youg voters ...

    • And here i thought it was because of the republican wars on women and minorities.

      Did romney become a Mormon AFTER he beat all those crazy conservatives in the primaries?

    • John Huntsman was the most qualified Republican running for President. Apparently the Right Wing Nuts couldn't control his thinking and so they voted for Romney the flipflopper.

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