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  • badgermma5555 badgermma5555 Feb 26, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    Cut Military Spending: Save Medicare, SS, and Medicaid


    Sequestration has some virtues.

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    • So cut the military, ok. So what will you suggest we do when Russia contorls more of east Europe, middle east Iran takes over weaker mid east countries and China takes over souteast Asia and all 3 choke off the USA from energy, free trade and economic expansion. The. Start moving their military over the oceans.

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      • You must be a doomsday follower. We have nuclear subs in all global waters, military prescense in 100 countries and latest technology in drone warfare. The only thing that will bring us down is our huge deficet, unemplolyment and and our failing real estate market. Our credt rating sucks. Would you lend the U S money after reviewing our balance sheet? China will own us financialy. No shots fired.

    • Sequestration does not cut any government spending. All sequestration does is stretch out payments of government spending over more years than previously planned. This will actually increase government spending rather than cut spending. A better way to cut spending is to actually stop expensive government programs. A good target is the F35 'next generation' fighter. This is a fiasco project that will end up costing the government $200 million each for a plane which is designed to fight yesterday's war.

    • true ... and the red-state goobers are just now realizing that most of the bases and defense contractors are in THEIR states ... BWAAAAAHAAAAAAA!!!

    • It would be great for the government to tell defense contractors that they will be getting 5% less on their projects but if they cut even one job then they will never get another government contract.

      I think it would become clear quickly how much these businesses take advantage of the government and the tax payer.

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