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  • clownicus_maximus clownicus_maximus Mar 3, 2013 12:20 PM Flag

    Yahoo Cutting Services Including Yahoo Message Boards

    From news yesterday...................

    Yahoo is taking a leaf out of Google's business book, and closing down seven products that aren't bringing home the bacon.

    These are: Yahoo App Search, Yahoo Sports IQ, Yahoo Clues, Yahoo Message Boards, Yahoo Updates API, Yahoo Avatars, and the Yahoo app for BlackBerry.

    Yahoo announced the closures on its company blog. It said it was regulating its product line-up, and would do so regularly. "The most critical question we ask is whether the experience is truly a daily habit that still resonates for all of you today," Jay Rossiter, Yahoo's executive vice president of Platforms, wrote on the blog.

    It's the second batch of products that have been given the heave-ho since Marissa Meyer took over as CEO. Mayer was previously at Google, where "spring cleaning" announcements -- in which it nixes products and services that aren't performing well -- are a regular occurrence.

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    • I wish. They are leaving the sports and finance boards.

    • Why do they want to get rid of loyal users?

    • Great, great news, long overdue....please let it be finance as well...I hope it happens so that all you crazy, ignorant and scared right wing shut-ins that spend your entire, puny lives posting post after post after post, etc. go so crazy that it drives you out of doors...maybe then there will be some hope for you. Until then, #$%$ OFF, ALL OF YOU!!!!! Seriously, I hope your miserable little dix fall off.

    • Teabag idiots better send in all their garbage message board posts while they can.

    • But not finance

      Yahoo will Close 7 Services Upcoming April 2013

      Submitted by behom on March 03rd, 2013
      Category: Tech

      Yahoo returned to the bold decision under the leadership of CEO Marissa Mayer to stop 7 services including BlackBerry App in April 2013. Yahoo argued that closing 7 service to make Yahoo more 'sharp' and focus.

      In contrast to previous Yahoo CEO streamline diligent employees, CEO Marissa Mayer is more diligent trim Yahoo services. Marissa Mayer said that Yahoo's core business is the personal content and services that do not fit the agenda will be stopped.

      As reported by CNET (03/01/2013), Yahoo will only focus on the services that are used by Yahoo users everyday, say Yahoo Mail, Flickr, and Yahoo homepage recently updated with a fresh look.

      The most interesting of the termination of the development of Yahoo's service is the termination of services of mobile applications for the BlackBerry and Yahoo Clue. Applications were introduced in November 2010 to show trends this search should be over soon. Here are 7 services that should be stopped pengembangannnya Yahoo:

      Yahoo Avatar, the service will be officially closed by Yahoo on 1 April 2013. Yahoo also calls on service users to download the avatar they have.
      Yahoo Mobile for BlackBerry application, from 1 April 2013, Yahoo app for BlackBerry is no longer available for download. However, users who have installed the app can continue to use it even though no longer supported by Yahoo.
      Yahoo Clues beta will close 1 April 2013.
      Yahoo Search app will close 1 April 2013.
      Yahoo Sports IQ will close 1 April 2013.
      Yahoo Message Board website will close 1 April 2013. While the message board to Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Fantasy Sports will remain active.
      Yahoo! Updates API (Application Programming Interface) will be closed 1 April 2013

    • More fear mongering from a Lib. The finance boards are not included. Now go to Wally World and buy stock for your bunker like a good little Lib. I hear they have tin foil on sale.

    • Makes no never mind. I got a life. Stoney will go on suicide watch though.

      Romney regrets not winning the election? LOL.

    • The end is near. Marrissa said its time to go to work.

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