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  • badgermma5555 badgermma5555 Mar 22, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    Republicans can't find either the Iraqi Oil or the WMD thay promised were there!!!!!!!


    This war was supposed to pay for itselof. Liar Republicans.

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    • The oil is in North Dakota. The US should have attacked North Dakota instead. It is becoming a state like Iraq under Hussein, sticking its nose into all sorts people's personal decision where it has no right to do so.

    • democrat congress approved Iraq war. WMDs were there. Poison gas. The world all believed Sadam had nukes or close to it. He had already used poison gas. Obama is getting ready to do the same thing in Syria. Poison gas may have been used in Syria. Obama and a lot of congressmen believe we should get involved there. They want boots on the ground.
      If it comes to pass, another big political mistake. Maybe they would think differently if it was their kids going off to war.

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      • Brain washed long: Sadam had nukes? Not even close.The aluminum tubes weren't fit for missiles. If Sadam used poison gas, he got it from the U.S. Don't forget, the Reagan Admin. supplied Iraq with weapons, tanks and fighter jets when they were fighting Iran. Obama is getting ready to use poison gas in Syria? You are a nut case. I agree with your last sentence. However, kids from the upper income class don't go to war. When the draft was still on, then every economic class was subject to the draft. Oh, I forgot, #$%$ Cheney got 5 deferments.

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