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  • scarbrobill scarbrobill Mar 22, 2013 4:56 PM Flag

    Idiots and Minimum Wage

    Idiots are still pushing to raise MW. Some want it raised to $9/hour, one gov. wants it raised to $22/hour. In each case their arguement is to give people more money to spend and the gov't to be able to collect more taxes. .
    If raising MW is good to fullfill both of these goals, then think a little, MW should be raised to $1,000/hour this would make everyone rich, lots of money to spend and the gov't able to collect zillions of dollars in taxes.
    The only people that raising MW would hurt is that small percentage of elderly on fixed incomes. This will be only a temporarily short term problem. The elderly die off rapidly. Raising MW to $9 or $22 creates the same problem-d-mn the elderly.

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    • I dare you to tell somebody at McDonalds they're only worth starvation wages and then order something. Nothing like spit in your beverage and a hocked up greenie in your fried, lard patty to get you lovin' it.

    • drstone3 Mar 22, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

      Get a degree or trade in demand and you never have to work for minimum wage. Problem solved.

    • Raising the MW will probably put millions into a different bracket which will make them ineligible from getting all sorts of help, so that's the reason, possibly. They will be worse off.

    • Lack of inflation is 'costing' government trillions in 'lost' tax money. In many States sales taxes are the big money raiser. If something goes from $1 to $2 the government gets twice as much money. Raising the MW would accomplish this on two levels....first the tax on the increased income and second on the price going higher and bringing in increased sales tax.

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      • The price on items would only go up if the supply did not increase with demand. However, if people have more money to spend, this could lead to more demand. More demand would lead to more supply be produced which in turn would necessitate the need for more workers, which in turn would create more demand. Get the picture?

      • Oro---Isn't this what I said. Stop f-rting around with raising MW pennies at a time, just raise it to a $1,000/hour and give the idiot politicians what they want: more money for people to spend and for the gov't to collect more taxes.
        Filly---- The 'poor', doo-less, welfare will not be worse off, they are not on a fixed income. Their benefits are adjusted regularly by the gov't. The'poor' will be given increases by the gov't to adjust to the increase in the cost of living. Again. The only people that will be hurt is the small percentage of seniors that are on 'fixed incomes'.
        Think about it.

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