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  • hacoda57 hacoda57 Mar 23, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    America under libs perspective

    Ben is an educated man, getting up and going to his job, making 80K per year.

    Willie is a deadbeat, sleeping late and too lazy to work, making 42K off government benefits. Willie pays no income, medicare, SS, and property taxes, keeping the 42K in government benefits.

    Ben has to pay 30% of his income in income, medicare, SS, and property taxes. This leaves Ben with 56K of his income. Assuming Ben spends the same amount of living expenses that Wille spends (42K), that leaves Ben with 14K.

    So Ben has too spend much of his life, along with all the pains of dealing with bosses, employees, customers, stress, for only 14K. I feel sorry for Ben.

    For people who make less than 80K, the incentive to work only gets worse.

    Welcome to Lib Land!

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    • How does one make 42k by not working? Let's talk cash and not non cash items like slum apartments and food stamps and a free cell phone.

    • Stupid dribble. You look like one of the crooks stealing from government programs meant to help the less fortunate. The biggest so called government 'benefit' are Social Security and Medicare. The average check from SS is about $14K and you only get to have a Social Security if you contribute the the Social Security program in your working life time. The same for Medicare. This is no where close to 42K in your wild imagination.

    • I also need to add that Ben has to pay 5K per year for his health insurance, leaving hims with 9K. Willie pays no health insurance.

      If Wiillie works part time under the table, he makes 9K putting him even with Ben.

      In summary, Ben works full time for a net of 9K and Wille works part time for a net of 9K. What is wrong with this picture?

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