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  • badgermma5555 badgermma5555 Mar 30, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Obama is Tone Deaf when it comes to Vacations and Travel...........


    ....granted there are perks that come with being the President of the US and Bush 43 and his kids established a bad precedent, yet I would think that Obama would try to set an example of personal austerity. That would go a long way to getting the public behind his economic plans.
    Give Obama an "F" on Walking the Talk!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has plenty of time after 2017 to do all the things he is now doing.

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    • badgermma: I am surprised you Wing Nuts keep bringing up Obama's vacation costs. I never saw a peep out of you hypocrites when GWB took a lot more vacation time than Obama did Check it out how much more vacation time GWB took compared to Obama. I am still waiting to hear how much GWB's last world trip cost when his meeting with other foreign officials meant diddily squat.

    • How much did GWB last world tour cost? He was a lame duck Pres. at the time and had little or no influence with World leaders. Come on now, tell us how much that trip cost.

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