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  • yisdubyuhstillevil yisdubyuhstillevil May 17, 2013 6:20 AM Flag

    Lickens (aka Rightwingnut Republikens):


    Wow, those whacked out, rich, racist, bagger, rightwingnut lickens (republickens) are really getting desperate. The economy looks better and they are grasping for anything that might help them survive their losing attitudes towards the poor and middle class. Do those whacked out, racist, rich bagger (as in tea bagger), rightwingnut lickens think that turning the tables on the poor/middle class will work (that is: will the lickens claim work: that the rich lickens are the ones that are being (and have been) abused---when, in fact, it is the poor/middle class that have been abused for decades by the lickens)?

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