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  • hacoda57 hacoda57 Jun 12, 2013 8:36 PM Flag

    Spy on Americans to prevent terrorism, but don't defend the borders against terrorist!

    Makes no sense! More lies!

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    • The Boston bombers were American citizens. They were immigrants that attained citizenship. The NSA gathered information and it didn't take long to pinpoint the activities of the bombers, did it?

    • As an American citizen, I am expected to obey every law on the books. If I don't and I am caught I am fined or put in jail. Illegal aliens are exempt from this. They are excused from obeying any law. Sheriff Joe is one of the few that believes as I do. Liberals open their arms and welcome illegals. I am against all illegals. I do not want to support one. With the liberals thinking we should have open borders and support any one that comes to this country.
      The idiots in congress keep talking about securing the border. All a fence or wall can do is slow down the illegal crossing. There must be a severe law on the books so illegals will not want to come here.
      Now I do not blame anyone for being an illegal. If I was a poor, say Mexican , and I looked across the Rio Grande river and I could see a better life for me, I would probably be at the head of the illegal line.
      The above is the way to solve the illegal problem

    • sdmiller4747 Jun 12, 2013 9:53 PM Flag

      Let's stop government profiling Americans because they may be methodist or presbyterian or catholic or conservative or democrat. Government can't profile everyone BUT they can profile Islamists. NSA infringes on all Americans, that's wrong! $1.6 billion government spy center is the overkill of government spending when all that needs to be done is profile those Islamic states that produce most of the world's terrorists.

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