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  • vensh vensh Jun 12, 2013 10:36 PM Flag


    In a prior thread, I posted that it is:"awful public policy to allow political organizations to
    masquerade as "social benefit" groups, left, right or center. Any group that pushes candidates, or
    advances political positions, should not feed of us taxpayers by avoiding paying their fair share.

    "The sad thing now is the latest IRS brouhaha will further limit the IRS' legitimate focus on
    weeding out the phoney from the real 501(c)(4) organizations"

    The creature which this month is using the ID "bighairyhermaphrodite" responded:

    “Libs have been doing it for years...but you knew that already, didn't you?”

    I then challenged bighairy to supply a list of the “lib” 501(c)(4)s that he referred to and he provided these names:

    ACORN; Occupy wall street; Media Matters; Moveon; The Center for American Progress; The Tides Foundation and The Ford Foundation.

    I then asked: “Which of them are 501(c)(4) groups that campaigned for candidates?

    “Facts please!

    “And does hairy agree that ALL phoney “social action ”groups should NOT get tax exemptions, right, left and center?”

    hairy has been running like a thief in the night, refusing to support his claim.

    So folks, since hairy remains so shy, these the actual facts.

    NONE of the organizations hairy named ARE 501(c)(4) organizations.

    NONE of the organizations supported political candidates EXCEPT:

    ACORN and Moveon through their separate “527" groups (PACs) which supported candidates - as specifically allowed by law (just like right wing leaning PACs) and the donations to which are NOT tax deductible.

    So it must be concluded that perhaps bighairy did not technically lie, because he apparently mad absolutely no effort to see if what he posted was true, his sputtering protestations, he was 1005 wrong. That’s 8 out of 8 wrongo!

    Bighairy will probably respond to this post with all kinds of blusterbut the evidence is he’s a blowhard and a knave.

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