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  • bugrnan29102 bugrnan29102 Jun 19, 2013 4:16 PM Flag


    Michelle (no work, no food) Bachman, & the rest of the anti-immigration reform turds. President Obama could agree to building a wall 5 miles high from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf, and these losers would find another reason for not reforming immigration. They are just a bunch of ignorant losers, one and all!

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    • Didn't Bachman learn anything from the last election. We should all thank her for her stupid positions with Obama on top.

    • Think about it. Times do change. This country is not like it was in the early 1900's. The country welcomed all immigrants. Today the country is like full. The economy is bad, but still better than many countries. People want to come here for a better life. But, we cannot afford to allow all of those that want to come here to come here.. With 'open' borders the population would triple.
      Think about it. BO wants to feed everyone with food stamps. Remember, those that have a job must pay to feed all of those that don't.

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      • Time to realize Newt the nut has been lying all along. Obama does not "WANT" people to be on food stamps. We had the worst president in the history of the country, BUSH, create the second worst economy in the history of the country... and you guys seem to think that helping people that have lost their jobs is a bad thing. NOBODY WANTS them to lose their jobs - except you perhaps - you who wants cheaper labor. And of all people, you, who voted BUSH, should have the backs of the people that lost their jobs during the Great Recession. It was predicted and BUSH ignored it. Newt the nut ignored it - probably while cheating on his wife at the time - a favorite pastime. Isn't it time to start thinking for yourself? Seriously ... use your gray matter. Rush is a showman... NOTHING MORE.

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