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  • pickled_piggy pickled_piggy Jun 21, 2013 6:26 AM Flag

    total labor incomes excluding government employees incomes


    when farm machinery replaced farm workers, the economy tanked. as the total national labor income declined in the 1920's. world 2 war income helped the total labor income to rise. followed by housing boom incomes. then a slow down. as the service economy and american wars in korea and vietnam increased, america was in a labor income prosperity. along came the computer. replacing labor. and china replacing american labor. so government started printing more money and growing government labor size. now you have the situation of crashing total labor income, which is needed to fund government thru all forms of taxes (income and tax on purchases) . as you can see the government debt has exploded, as they print money to replace workers incomes. the total money crash is but a few years away. their is no magic bullet to grow the private sector labor. and surplus labor competition will lower wages. so. more government employees and a faster printing press. there is a way out. problem. u.s.a. lacks a political system that will save america. knowing this, piggy has taken steps to save piggy. yes. it's every man (and woman) for them-self.

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    • There is plenty of tax money to support this country, STOP THE FOOLISH WASTING. We all know what it is but allow the media & politicians to control our voting & thinking. FLAT TAX no exemptions, no IRS, no lobbyist and the job is near done. Term limits

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      • What about the flat tax? Would it be better and easier to pass?

        The flat tax and the FairTax share some important similarities. They are both flat-rate taxes that are neutral with respect to savings and investment. The flat tax, however, retains the invasive income tax administration apparatus and can easily revert to a graduated, convoluted mess, as it has many times over many years.

        Very few people really understand the flat tax. Its authors will tell you it is a consumption tax that uses the income tax system for implementation. Only an academic or government bureaucrat would dream up a consumption tax that needs the invasive income tax apparatus for its application, when one can simply have a retail sales tax and reduce the bureaucracy by 90 percent or more! In addition, a large part of the burden of the flat tax -- the business tax -- will remain hidden from people in the retail price of goods and services.

        In contrast, the FairTax is simple, easy to understand, and visible. It cannot be converted into an income tax.

        Under a flat tax, individuals would still file an income tax return each year similar to today’s 1040 EZ. While this is a simple postcard, the record keeping required to fill in the blanks is still long and burdensome. Under the FairTax, individuals never file a tax return again, ever! Under the flat tax, the payroll tax would be retained and income tax withholding would still be with us. Under the FairTax, the payroll tax, which is a larger and more regressive tax burden for most Americans than is the income tax, is repealed. Under the FairTax, what you earn is what you keep. No more withholding taxes; no more income tax.

        Notwithstanding flat tax proponents’ honorable intentions, income tax reform has been less than a success in the past. Congress has tried to reform the income tax again and again, with the result being greater complexity and, generally, higher rates. The problem is the income tax, and it is time to stop tinkering with it.

        Flat tax supporters have made major political attempts to pass their reform, including the efforts of former Majority Leader #$%$ Armey and presidential candidate Steve Forbes, and yet their efforts have not progressed politically for several years. With every debate, the flat tax loses grassroots and congressional support to the FairTax. It is time to junk the entire income tax system and start over with a tax system that is more appropriate for a free society and better able to meet the needs of the information age.

      • Stop with the flat tax talk!

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