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  • itchee_triggerfinger itchee_triggerfinger Jun 27, 2013 10:25 PM Flag

    Feds Are Watching Trial Outcome..If Zimmerman Found Innocent....


    They will step in and retry Zimmerman with Martin's Civil Rights violation. Zimmerman will be tried convicted and sentenced in a federal court room to a federal institution.

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    • On a program I was watching last night two attorney's where talking about the Zimmerman trial. Both were criminal attorney's specializing in federal law, with one being an ex- U.S. Attorney. They both said the same thing that even if Zimmerman is found innocent of the stand your ground law in the state of Florida that federal charges most likely would be brought up on Zimmerman for violating Martin's civil rights. They both agreed that listening to the 911 operator telling Zimmerman to back off and leave the teen alone numerous times is enough for the U.S. Attorney to take Zimmerman to trial. They said "it's one thing to be approached by a threating person and stand your ground when threatened with bodily harm, but to continue to stalk a person after the 911 operators told you numerous times to back off is proof enough that you provoked the youth when the youth was doing nothing to personally threaten you but was in fact on his way home." "If anything, it was probably Martin that was feeling threatened at the time," said one the ex-U.S. Attorney.

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