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  • gebasher gebasher Jul 19, 2013 3:03 PM Flag


    TRAYVON was BLACK and ZIMMERMAN is HISPANIC. Another CON from the CON ARTIST in Chief.

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    • Naw you still don't understand. What the deal is, there was NO African Americans on the jury. Trayvon had a right to defend himself. And he broke Zimmermans nose in doing so(YES!!!). Zimmerman brought that upon himself. But all the jury seen was Zimmermans fear when Trayvon was defending himself. They did not see Trayvons fear of some strange man following him in the rain at night. A strange man who gets out of the car coming toward him with a gun. Me personally I think the kid was afraid enough to punch him in the nose? He should have tried to plow his hand right through his face and kill him! He may still be alive today defending himself with the right to stand his ground.

    • White people are cool with hispanics, but hate blacks. This is what I learned from this case.

    • There are three races. Hispanic is not a race. One could be Hispanic and 100% Caucasoid or a mixture of any or all three races. If Martin was say Caucasoid we would not have this discussion seeing how nothing would have happened that day in that Zimmerman would not have taken a second look at him.

    • The U.S. Census considers a person's ethnicity to be a separate identifier from that same person's race. The Census Bureau and all armed forces considers a hispanic person to be a member of the caucasion race.

      So Obama is right again. And you dittoheads are wrong. Again. Heck, I make mistakes, and when I do I accept it and learn from it. But you right-winged extremists cling to your mistakes no matter what. That's crazy.

    • Were the parties involved in this shooting in the act of Home Flipping?

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