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  • stevemcqueen7890 stevemcqueen7890 Jul 22, 2013 4:33 PM Flag

    New Deal II is needed.


    A New Deal II is what’s needed – jobs programs like the WPA and CCC – to put America back to work by investing in our deteriorating infrastructure, education, research, energy efficiency, and a clean energy economy. Not only would we see short-term growth from the stimulus, but we would grow the economy in the long-run from the returns on these investments.

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    • This isn't the 1930s. There isn't the amount of manual labor that existed back then. And many folks today aren't willing, or in the physical shape needed, to do manual labor.

    • I thought you guys said this administration had created a booming economy and we need immigration amnesty to get people to fill all the unfilled job openings?

    • Two problems with that, welfare and unions. Eliminate welfare and unions, then it would work.

    • If you tried to start jobs programs like the WPA and CCC today there would be mass rioting. Strawberry pickers can earn up to $30.00 dollars an hour but Americans would rather be couch potatoes and collect welfare, unemployment or SS disability.

      Because of this they're inventing machines to plant, tend and pick lettuce, strawberries and the like. This will eliminate even more jobs as only the top few percentile are smart enough to build or maintain the machines.

    • BIGGEST mistake the USG ever made was to dissolve those programs .. instead of handing out tax payer
      money , the govt should be the employer of last choice and the wage should set the national minimum ...
      that would also insure that many things that private business won't touch will get done ...
      the infrastructure of the US is a mess ... why have a national labor organization and get things done ....

      that's the way that we got the TVA , Hoover dam and countless other projects that allowed for the
      explosive post WWII growth ...

    • No way would the unions let that happen. And if everyone joins a union for New Deal II, then it would be like ?

    • It was the New Deal that caused the Great Depression last so long. Economic cycles are just that, cycles. There are reasons for them to come to and end and resume. The Great Depression was caused by a massive over capacity of European and American industrial capacity, as well as the easy money policy of the time. A dollar could get you nine dollars of margin, in the stock market. There was too much liquidity in the U.S, including credit. So when the market crashed the people on margin lost everything, as they were sold out of their positions, and the collapse bankrupted many investors. That brought liquidity levels down to where they should have been. Of course the banks had been in the market as well. The demand for goods had declined for a couple of years before the market crash. The crash dried up much more demand, so businesses began to lay off workers or close altogether. The problem with the New Deal was that it didn't allow the cycle to hit bottom by getting rid of the excess capacity. The result was we limped along until WWII saved the US economy by taking up the excess capacity, with wartime demand. If WWII hadn't happened, we would have been in a depression for generation or more. By the way, what FDR was doing in the US, Adolph Hitler was doing in Germany. He had his version of the New Deal, all those public works projects. However, with less resources and a smaller economy, Hitler had to depend on gold reserves for his funding. This meant to keep the German economy going, he had to take over other countries to get their gold reserves. This of course would lead to WWII. The best way to handle things is to teach people about Boom and Bust, and to prepare with savings for that which will happen again and again. We use to be a nation of savers, but with government inflation, and near zero interest rates, there is no point in saving. Thanks government.

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