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    When a person is too dumb to hold a job they join the union



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    • Over time there have been abuses by management of its employees. For example one car read excerpt Sadler Committee Report of 1832
      Elizabeth Bentley, called in; and Examined.
      What age are you?

      Where do you live?
      --At Leeds.

      What time did you begin to work at a factory?
      --When I was six years old.

      At whose factory did you work?
      --Mr. Busk's.

      What kind of mill is it?

      What was your business in that mill?
      --I was a little doffer.

      What were your hours of labour in that mill?
      --From 5 in the morning till 9 at night, when they were thronged.

      For how long a time together have you worked that excessive length of time?
      --For about half a year.

      What were your usual hours when you were not so thronged?
      --From 6 in the morning till 7 at night.

      What time was allowed for your meals?
      --Forty minutes at noon.

      Had you any time to get your breakfast or drinking?
      --No, we got it as we could.

      And when your work was bad, you had hardly any time to eat it at all?
      --No; we were obliged to leave it or take it home, and when we did not take it, the overlooker took it, and gave it to his pigs.

      Do you consider doffing a laborious employment?

      Explain what it is you had to do?
      --When the frames are full, they have to stop the frames, and take the flyers off, and take the full bobbins off, and carry them to the roller; and then put empty ones on, and set the frame going again.

      Does that keep you constantly on your feet?
      --Yes, there are so many frames, and they run so quick.

      Your labour is very excessive?
      --Yes; you have not time for any thing.

      Suppose you flagged a little, or were too late, what would they do?
      --Strap us.

      Are they in the habit of strapping those who are last in doffing?


      Girls as well as boys?

      Have you ever been strapped?


      So clearly what is needed is a proper and fair relationship between management and labor.

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