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  • majestic_penthouse_naplesfl majestic_penthouse_naplesfl Aug 22, 2013 8:34 AM Flag



    UPS (just the biggest of thousands of companies) announced today that it is throwing 15,000 SPOUSES of UPS workers off of the Companies health insurance coverage due to the higher costs and insane tyranny of MAOBAMACARE.

    Another astonishing announcement made by the the bureau of statistics is that by the year 2020 - due to MAOBAMACARE for the first time in the nation's history - there will be more PART TIME workers working in our economy than Full Time workers. That's stunning. MORE PART TIMERS?

    What have the Leftist Lunatics wrought? Imagine nominating a clueless, affirmative action hero to be President of the United States and letting him get away with lie after lie, golf game after golf game. A feckless foreign policy comes with the package!

    Joan Walsh, Rachel Mad-dowager's Hump, ShrillaryBEAST Clinton, Andrea "Granny Scold" Mitchell and
    Mika BreChitStain along with Fat Oprah are the true WARRIORS on WOMEN. Over 2 million young female
    college grads have not found work in over 4 years now. Many of whom have turned to some form of prostitution to make ends meet. A Hot STICKEY FACIAL SPLOOGE from a Republican Salaried Man's
    "johnson" in the back seat under the overpass is NOT the Hopey Changey Stuff these young Leftist
    (manipulated) females were hoping for. Ah, the Democriminals: "We're not responsible!"

    This topic is deleted.
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    • You make it sound like UPS is the guilty party. Put the blame where it belongs, Obama.
      If Obama was a true leader when he initially pushed Obamacare and preached it was not a tax and the US Supreme Court declared it legal but was a tax, he should have stepped forward to immediately repeal the law. IMO.

    • how about actually reading what you post instead of yelling ??? your title states "women" but your text
      states what UPS is doing .. dropping a SPOUSE .... if the spouse is a full time employee , then UPS should
      rebate part of what they would have paid .... without reading all of the text , it sounds to me like UPS is
      eliminating what used to be known as "coordination of benefits" .. IBM took that move over 15 years
      ago, but continued to require both spouses pay for their health benefits ...
      if there is no coordination of benefits , then there is no sense for 2 spouses to each carry health insurance ,
      actually , those folks could be coming out ahead ....
      lost in the shuffling of the past few years is the age old battle (since 1792) ... does government
      exist for business or citizens .... business vs US govt .... for many years , the govt foisted health care
      on companies , now the companies are forcing the govt to provide .... g

    • Most outrageous righwing anti-woman bumper sticker I've seen recently:
      "If babies had guns they wouldn't be aborted"

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Nobody is getting thrown off healthcare. This applies only to spouses that have other insurance coverage available.

      I am on my wife's insurance because it's a little better, but I have insurance available to me from my employer. If my wife's employer said they would not cover me, it would not be a big deal. That is what is going on with UPS.

    • Having more part time workers has been the dream of corporations in this country for the past 25 years. With that model they give them zero benefits, and then they can still brag about their profit margins.

      You're a moron.

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